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Sunflower Season

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One of my favorite parts about being in Moldova is how beautiful the countryside is.  Moldova had lots of rain the first 2 weeks of June and it has made everything very green and wonderful to look at while taking buses from my site to Chisinau.  This past week I was also able to see the start of sunflower season, where in some instances you can see sunflowers for miles.  Sunflowers make me happy and in the future will always remind me of Moldova.  Last week while I was walking across Moldova with a group of Peace Corps volunteers we spotted a few sunflower fields and then had a photo shoot.

O zi buna.


Author: Mary O

Hi, I'm Mary. I am orignally from Spokane Wash., where I lived for 20 years of my life. I went to school in Bellingham Wash, at Western Washington University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. In June 2011, I moved to Moldova for the Peace Corps. In the Peace Corps, I am an Agribusiness and Rural Development Volunteer, and live in a town called Riscani, which is about 3 hours northwest of the capital city. I love Moldova, but there are somedays where I really miss all my friends and family in the States! Email me if you have more questions!

One thought on “Sunflower Season

  1. you look like a sunflower in your yellow shirt, too! So beautiful!

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