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I left Belgrade at around 9 PM on a bus headed for Ljubljana, Slovenia.  Along the way we cut through Croatia and got to stop at 4 different border crossings.  Two weren’t so bad, but the other 2 everyone had to get out of the bus, show your passport and open your bags, they wouldn’t have been bad except the bus was so warm, and outside it was not.  The first time we had to get out was when we were entering Croatia.  As the passengers were inside the border patrol was inspecting the bus and they were doing a thorough job.  The assistant to the bus driver got caught trying to bring about 30 cartons of cigarettes (I am not sure the rule for Croatia, butin the European Union you are only allowed 2 unopened cartons per person).  He had them hidden under the bus seats in the back row of the bus.  The border patrol took his cigarettes and fined him before the bus was allowed to continue on.  We also had to exit the bus again at the Slovenian border (which is an EU country) and the 2 ladies behind me did not have proper visas to get in so we drove the bus back into Croatia and left them at a gas station.

The bus arrived in Ljubljana around 7 AM and from there I bought a train ticket out to Bled.  While I waited for my train to leave I had a delicious Egg McMuffin from McDonalds (I never ate McDonalds in the US, but something about it here tastes delicious :)).  When I arrived at my stop I didn’t realize the train didn’t actually to the town of Bled, but a town about 4 KM away, so since I didn’t want to pay for a taxi I started walking to my destination.  I made it to Bled, grabbed something quick to eat and then went to find my hostel.  The hostel was pretty easy to find and one of the owners checked me in, she was so sweet and friendly and gave me lots of options of things to do and also gave me a cheaper price on my room since it was the off season.  After settling into the hostel I went for a walk around the town and then up to the Bled castle. My original plan for the day was to ride one of the bikes free for use  at the hostel to a waterfall that the hostel owner had told me about.  I ended up changing my plans though when I realized I was not tall enough for the bikes 😦  Instead I took a nice walk around the lake and also got really excited when I saw a bar advertising IPA and stout beers.  I made my way back to that bar later in the evening and talked to the bartender for a few hours about Slovenia and how it was changed since its independence from Yugoslavia.  Bled was an amazing beautiful place, I wish I had more time to explore it, I also want to see it in the summer and really be able to enjoy all the outdoor activities it has to offer.

The next afternoon I took a bus back to Ljubljana.  The weather in Ljubljana was beautiful and sunny, which was a change from what I had been seeing.  I walked around not having much of plan, stopped for a delicious lunch and then headed up the the castle area. After the castle, I continued to walk around and see what I could before I caught a late train to Zagreb, Croatia.

To see more photos from my trip check out Facebook.

O zi buna!


Author: Mary O

Hi, I'm Mary. I am orignally from Spokane Wash., where I lived for 20 years of my life. I went to school in Bellingham Wash, at Western Washington University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. In June 2011, I moved to Moldova for the Peace Corps. In the Peace Corps, I am an Agribusiness and Rural Development Volunteer, and live in a town called Riscani, which is about 3 hours northwest of the capital city. I love Moldova, but there are somedays where I really miss all my friends and family in the States! Email me if you have more questions!

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  1. Beautiful photos! And this is the second time you have made my day with the story about being too short for the bike!

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