There's Something about Mary

Stories and thoughts about my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova


Apple Orchard

In September my work partner set up a “study visit” (similar to a seminar, but in the field instead of in a conference room)  to a near by orchard and refrigeration unit.  The orchard grew 4 different kinds of fruit; cherries, sour cherries, plums and apples.  We visited the area with the apples since the cherries are now out of season.  The orchard was very larg and reminded me of something I would see Eastern Washington, not Moldova.  And the apples were delicious, I wish my purse would have been larger, so I could have taken more home with me 😉

The refrigeration unit was also pretty impressive.  I saw a room full of last years apples that will be used to make juice and also a room full of plums that had recently been picked.  I am also still pretty shocked and impressed whenever I see commercial farming.  It is not something that a lot of Moldovans seem to do, they grow for their family at their plot, but most times they don’t have enough money or land to make what they do profitable.



O zi buna!