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Recently I finished the book The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.  In it he searches for the happiest place on earth, he visits and writes about 10 countries, some considered to be really happy and others not so happy.  One of the countries he writes about is Moldova.  Other volunteers have read it and don’t like the book because of what he wrote about Moldova.  I don’t agree with what he wrote about Moldova, but he does have some good things to say in general.  In the end he discusses the nature of happiness, and I think he put it very well.  “Money matters, but less than we think and not in the way that we think.  Family is important.  So are friends.  Envy is toxic.  So is excessive thinking.  Beaches are optional.  Trust is not.  Neither is gratitude.”

Noapte buna



Placinta with my host mom :)

A couple of weeks ago my host mom asked me if I wanted to make placinta (literal translation is pie) with her, she named off a couple of different kinds and I said I wanted to make visine (sour cherry), we agreed to do it on Saturday since I don’t work. When I woke up that Saturday she had already had the dough ready. She also had the filling out on the counter. We had a misunderstanding, I thought we were just making placinta cu visine, as it turns out though we made placinta with apple (mere), pumpkin (bostane), potato (cartofi), sour cherry (visine) and cabbage (varza, my new favorite). We ended up making it all day and I watched how there are many different ways to make it, included just the dough. At one point we ran out of the original dough so we used a different recipe that had no yeast in it.

Tomorrow, hopefully I will post some pictures from my trip to Belgium.  My internet is not wanting to work tonight.  Until then, noapte buna!