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I really need to learn to be prepared and also should probably invest in an umbrella…..

Today after Romanian class I decided to go to Chisinau, use the internet, relax a bit and maybe stop by Nr1 (a huge grocery store) to see what they had.  I went to the Peace Corps office, wasted about an hour and a half, then started waslking towards Nr1.  I walked all around the store, bought some wafer cookies, grabbed my backpack from the locker (the big grocery stores won’t allow you to take big bags in, so you store them in lockers and pick them up on your way out) was about to head out the door when I looked up and saw the downpour of rain.

Rain normally doesn’t bother me, I lived for 4+ years on the western side of Washington where it was common to rain every few days.  Let me say though, Moldovan rain is different.  It pours, it is miserable, and most times it seems to rain all day, instead of just for a couple hours like in Western Washington.

I didn’t bringa  coat either, I had on some khaki shorts and a tank top, thankfully not white ;).  I put my backpack in the locker once more and made a loop around the store, then even though it was still coming down pretty steady, I decided to brave it anyway, and get back to the bus to go home.  Luckily I had on my chacos because it made going through the rivers in the road much easier.  Now I am home and dry….luckily I don’t melt when it rains.

Btw…ploua is the verb for rain in Romanian.

Also, next Friday, August 5, I swear in as an official volunteer!


Author: Mary O

Hi, I'm Mary. I am orignally from Spokane Wash., where I lived for 20 years of my life. I went to school in Bellingham Wash, at Western Washington University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. In June 2011, I moved to Moldova for the Peace Corps. In the Peace Corps, I am an Agribusiness and Rural Development Volunteer, and live in a town called Riscani, which is about 3 hours northwest of the capital city. I love Moldova, but there are somedays where I really miss all my friends and family in the States! Email me if you have more questions!

2 thoughts on “Ploua…

  1. aww ew, no rain! summer is just finally starting to pick up here, hot HOT! how is the language coming along? Do you feel like you can semi-carry a conversation? bet you’re doing awesome! I’ll send you some more ultrasound pics from next weeks 12-week appt!! eee

  2. My language is getting their. I feel like most times I can understand more of what is being said then what exactly I should say as an answer. I have 2 more days of language, then am one my own for 6 weeks, hopefully to find a tutor. I actually have 2 weeks of PST training in the end of September and at the end of that they will actually test my language proficiency. I am hoping to get a lot better once I have no Americans or English speakers around to help me along the way. My host sister right now speaks pretty good English, so she translates a lot….Excited to see these pictures!!!

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