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Stories and thoughts about my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova


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So I really enjoy playing Frisbee even though, 90% of the time I cant get the Frisbee to go where I want it to.  I thought it sounded like a great thing to bring with me, so as I was doing my last minute shopping/wandering through Target I bought one to bring with me.  One of the other guys in my group also brought one, and he carries it with him everyday to class, on our lunch breaks we usually play until our next session is about to start.  Most of the people in Moldova have never seen a Frisbee before, so sometimes they stare and look at us funny trying to figure out exactly what we are doing.

The Peace Corps has three main goals that they repeat all the time, kind of a big deal I am thinking ;).  The second is “to promote a better understanding of Americans among the people with whom Volunteers serve.” I found an excellent way to do this with my Frisbee, and my host sister.  My host sister is 16, and most girls around her age in Moldova don’t really seem to participate in sports.  Her and her friends played basketball in school, but now that school is out for the summer it is the boys who play at the soccer field, never the girls.  They saw us playing Frisbee and wanted to play too, so one night I brought out my Frisbee and I showed her and her 2 friends how to play.  We threw the Frisbee around for several hours, until it was too dark to see it.  Eventually a couple of boys in their class joined us too.  (Also pretty rare to find the boys and girls hanging out with each other if they are not dating).

The youth boys have recently started playing with us too when they are around the school at lunchtime.

My host sister

Overall the Frisbee was a success!


Author: Mary O

Hi, I'm Mary. I am orignally from Spokane Wash., where I lived for 20 years of my life. I went to school in Bellingham Wash, at Western Washington University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. In June 2011, I moved to Moldova for the Peace Corps. In the Peace Corps, I am an Agribusiness and Rural Development Volunteer, and live in a town called Riscani, which is about 3 hours northwest of the capital city. I love Moldova, but there are somedays where I really miss all my friends and family in the States! Email me if you have more questions!

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